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From the Library of Congress:

Ms. VELÁZQUEZ. Mr. Speaker, today I rise once more to denounce our continued involvement in the Iraq war, which was the wrong decision, at the wrong time, based on wrong information. And, what are we doing today to correct all those wrong actions?--absolutely nothing--nothing but talk about it. It is time for a change; it is time for a new direction.

We are having a debate today to adopt a resolution that merely expresses this chamber's views and opinions on our current military engagements in the War on Terror. This resolution honors our men and women who have given their lives in the defense of this country and it honors our armed forces presently on active engagement overseas, among other things. These praises to our armed forces are indeed truly deserved, as they have been thrust into a very difficult conflict with perilous conditions.

However, I think our troops can better appreciate Congress' good intentions with actions rather than mere congratulatory words. This majority could have demonstrated our appreciation of the troops through laws that gave them all the equipment they needed when we sent them to war. This majority could have shown their commitment by demanding that the Commander in Chief clearly layout a plan of action and exit strategy, instead of allowing the continuing improvisation our troops have endured. This majority certainly might have demonstrated its commitment to the troops by not nickel and diming them on health care and making their reintegration to civil society more difficult and costly; and this majority definitely could have made the ultimate honor by acknowledging their well done job by bringing the troops home.

This majority only wants to praise them--but won't lift a finger to make sure our troops can come home sooner rather than later. We constantly hear the mantras such as: Stay the course; we are making progress and so on and so forth. That is the extent of their strategy. Mr. Speaker enough is enough! It is time to bring the troops home!

Iraq has a new democratic government; it is our responsibility to help them secure their country. This country can help Iraq, as it helps other countries, protect itself by providing resources and equipment. We need to let them fight for their country in their way. It is time to be friends and not guardians, let Iraq fight for Iraq. Our troops have done their job; it is time to bring them home.