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We Oppose Votes for Men, Alice Duer, 1915
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US Military Suicides since 2003
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US Military Sexual Assaults

Human Conflict Issue
Science, 18 May 2012

Gaza Stories

Detained Palestinian Children
UNICEP, 6 Mar 2013
Hamas Speech Dampens Peace Hopes
Consortium News, 10 Dec 2012
West Bank Settler Terrorism
Foreign Affairs, Sept/Oct 2012
Gaza Unlivable in 2020
UN Report, 27 Aug 2012
Gaza's Ark
Palestinian Land Loss
1946 through 2000 (Oslo Accord) Palestinian Land Loss, 1946-2000
A Brief History of Zionism
Zachary Lockman, Prof NYU

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UN Humanitarian Affairs: Palestine

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Related Legislation

Defense Authorization Act, 2013
31 Dec 2011
FISA Reauthorization Act, 2012
30 Dec 2012
Defense Authorization Act, 2012
31 Dec 2011
28th Consitutional Amendment
Corporations are NOT people
1 Nov 2011
Kucinich Impeachment Resolution
10 July 2008
Senate FISA Immunity Ammendment
8 July 2008
Kucinich Impeachment Resolution
6 Nov 2007
Senate Iran Resolution
26 Sept 2007
Congressional Authorization
for War on Iraq
10 October 2002
Joint Resolution Authorizing
War on Terror
14 Sept 2001

Tragedy of American Military
James Fallows
the Atlantic
Jan-Feb 2015

Thomas Ricks, Best Defense Blog
Foreign Policy

Active Duty Soldiers Against the War
Refusal of Orders 1965-72
Anti-War Movies
Anti-War Music

Peace Not War

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Related Information

Minimizing Civilian Casualties
Foreign Affairs
JanFeb 2013
National Security People
Advising Romney
by These Guys Program
9 June 2012
Netanyahu omits Iran's current
nuclear enrichment status, 20%
Netanyahu Bomb Sketch, UN Sept 2012
United Nations, 27 Sept 2012
Middle East Nuclear Parity
Kenneth N waltz
Foreign Affairs, JulyAug 2012
Botching the Bomb
and Iran's Nuclear Program
Jacques E.C. Hymans
Foreign Affairs, MayJune 2012
Drones Team
Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Israeli Leaders'
Challenged on Iran
Haaretz, 28 Apr 2012
Dagan: Iran Attack Not Helpful
Haaretz, 12 Mar 2012
12 Billion Bullets Petition
NSA Spy MegaCenter
James Bamford
Iran is NOT
building Nuclear Weapons
by Ray McGovern
24 Jan 2012
Seymour Hersh on
National Intelligence Estimate
20 Jan 2012
10 yrs after 9/11
Daniele Ganser lecture
University of Basel
Koch Brothers and Cancer
De Smog Blog
7 Sept 2010
US Diplomatic Cables
By WikiLeaks
29 Nov 2010
American Plutocracy (video)
By Bill Moyers
29 Oct 2010
Campaign for Smart Security
By Peace Action
The GITMO Suicides
By Scott Horton
The Predator War
By Jane Mayer
Cashing in the War Dividend
By Jo Comerford
Air Strike Tracker
Rorschach and Awe
Katherine Eban
Lawrence Wilkerson on Bush Admin
"The Limits of Power:
The End of American Exceptionalism"
by Andrew J. Bacevich
"US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites"
by Mark Danner
"The Dark Side"
by Jane Mayer
"Guantanamo: Beyond the Law"
McClatchy News
"Descent Into Chaos"
Ahmed Rashid
"Lost Over Iran"
Eric Umansky
"Waging Peace"
Scott Ritter
"The Fear Factory"
Guy Lawson
"Found in Translation:
FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds
spills her secrets"
Philip Giraldi
"The Black Sites"
Jane Mayer
"A Smarter, more secure America"
CSIS Commission on Smart Power
"Things Fall Apart: Containing the
Spillover from an Iraqi Civil War"
D Byman, K Pollack
"Bush's Shadow Army"
Jeremy Scahill
History of US Department of Peace
"War and Occupation in Iraq"
Global Policy Forum
"The Redirection"
Seymour Hersch
"Baghdad Diary: Another Planet"
Andrew North
"Out of Iraq"
Adam Davidson
"The Way out of War"
George McGovern, William Polk
"End of Iraq"
Peter Galbraith
(nb: currently lobbiest for Iraqi Kurds)
"A Democracy Can Die of too Many Lies"
Bill Moyers
"Terrorism in Western Europe:
An Approach to NATOís Secret Stay-Behind Armies"
Daniele Ganser

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